New... Cottage Craft Crocheted Shawl January 14 2015

Crochet this shawl in Cottage Craft single ply yarn, with a fringe in matching two ply yarn. Kit allows for garment to be made in either triangle (pictured) or rectangle.

Fundy Fisherman Hooded Coat now available January 13 2015

Now available....our Fundy Fisherman pattern incorporated into a three quart knitted hooded coat. A significant project, but worth it.

Single Ply Wool Now Available on-line January 12 2015

Cottage Craft Single Ply Wool now available on-line.

Retro New Brunswick Hat pattern January 09 2015

Now available....a very retro hat pattern  with diamond pattern to match 'The New Brunswick' sweater...

New! Fleeced Mitt Kit January 02 2015

Inspired from Newfoundland, knit these mitts with raw wool rovings, enough rovings for 5 or 6 pair of mitts.

Black Cherry 2 Ply January 02 2015

Now added....Black Cherry...a dark, rich red with flecks of Charcoal.

100% Wool Rovings December 30 2014

Pure wool rovings now available in three colours. Look for these in 'wool by the skein'.

Rug Hooking - Grace Helen Mowat December 10 2014

A hooked rug of original art depicting Grace Helen Mowat on her way to Cottage Craft

Cottage Craft on Facebook December 10 2014

We have two pages on Facebook...our main page is Cottage Craft Woollens, Canada's Original Wool Shop.


As well, Save Cottage Craft from Demolition addresses our defense of our heritage building from demolition at the hands of our municipality.

Highest Tides in the World November 23 2014

The Bay of Fundy,our front yard,is home to the highest tides in the World.

Shipping to U.S. November 20 2014

We have now resumed regular shipping to the U.S. We clear U.S. orders through Customs and ship via U.S. Post

Cottage Craft Blanket November 15 2014

Handwoven locally in 100% Cottage Craft wool, these sofa blankets provide warmth on cold nights. Measuring 38" x 72".